Thursday, October 27, 2011

a human. being.

It's the morning sunlight, green through curtains
Gets me every time
Wondering how it still comes through
Should be dark but I always think of you

Awake too early, sometimes late
But lately I feel warm, and right
You have been here, as I wished
Warmth tells me, it's time to finish

A very human feeling
As I am
A very human, being

Amy tells me 
She's practiced 
Moves like wind in May
As graceful and more
She knows her story has just begun
But now, in her way

A very human feeling
As she 
A very human, being

The anger of siblings 
The shared pinging loss
It eats you like water to rust

It eats you until you remember
In a human feeling
In a very human way
We are all very human beings
And we will finish this day

A very human feeling
A very human, just being

written by Christopher Howard Faust, my bro

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